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If there is something that is really important to me, it is that you are enchanted by my work, that you see yourself in it and that you see my contribution to your wedding day. I want to be your wedding photographer, but first and foremost, I want to be someone you can rely on and know that I will do my job to the fullest.


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Dominika & Dominik – Hotel Gader, Slovakia

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About This Project

Wedding day, which I will remember for a very long time. Dominika & Dominik live in Prague and their style and overall vibe completely got me. The wedding took place at the foot of the Martinské hory and we went out for a short photo shoot during the reception. It showed me again that emotions during photography through the reception are the strongest and most authentic. Dominik’s words after the wedding summarize it best: “For me, everything was great. Andrej is a pro, he made a great vibe, we felt really good during the photo shoot, completely natural. Also how he organized everything inside. He’s the man. His outputs are also great.” I have nothing to add.